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My name is Suvannah and I am a dreamer, a mother & a lover of travel, healing through food and trying to find balance in my life. If I could live in just one location for the rest of my life it would be the South of France. I have a yearning for France and oft daydream of sitting in the courtyard of my French farmhouse, potager garden to the side, rolling green pastures in front, a feast for royals on the table, friends gathered, children laughing. But truth be told, I’d also settle for that wonderful life anywhere in the world, because it’s a carefree world where friendships and community thrive and good food and laughter is in abundance.

Let’s jump back to the start of my story. In 2010 I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease. With it came a whole host of other issues such as depression, fatigue and general unwellness. (Is that a word? it is now)!

I came across the ‘healing through food’ concept as I researched my disease early after diagnosis, and being a lover of good food I decided to give it a go. Three years in and I was no longer losing my hair or getting mysterious rashes. I still had days where I dragged my feet (I think we all do) but for the most part I was happy and no longer suffering from depression. The only medication I was taking was for my thyroid and I had hoped that one day I would be able to eliminate that too!

In 2013, I went into remission. I was so happy and in shock. I didn’t think it was possible. I continued to live a very healthy and active lifestyle until July 2014 when we moved back to Sydney, Australia. Moving is stressful and it is easy to put good habits to the wayside and let old nasty ones creep back in. I never rejoined a gym after we moved, we had takeout (lots of it), and my stress just kind of continued to grow across various aspects of my life. Within a year of moving, I had taken on a management position at my work and shortly after that I began studying full time. All of this was while being mamma to three gorgeous children and trying to squeeze in homework and generally fit them into my life.

It eventually became too much and in December 2016 I presented to my doctors office with severe tremors, tachycardia, resting heart rate as high as 133bpm sometimes, slightly enlarged thyroid, crushing anxiety, hair loss, failure to gain or lose weight, verocious appetite, depression, extreme and debilitating exhaustion and a myriad of other symptoms. When my labs came back, I was diagnosed as being in a state of Thyrotoxic Crisis, also known as Thyroid Storm. This led to me having to resign from my Director position and my bed became my best friend for the next 2 and a half months. I couldn’t get out of bed. Every day I was more and more exhausted. My doctor and endocrinologist both wanted me to get my thyroid removed, however I am determined to give this one last shot at being truly healthy. Just as I went into remission in 2013, I feel I can do it again now through correct diet and lifestyle changes.

Each day I am learning something new, am getting out of bed more, and generally starting to feel better. I decided to resurrect my blog in the hopes of helping other people struggling with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (Grave’s Disease and/or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) who may be starting out on their own journey’s and looking for answers.

Here, I will share the recipes I create along the way on my path the remission, in the hopes that they give inspiration to other people affected by these debilitating diseases, or those looking for healthy recipe ideas for general health and wellbeing.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates (smart man)!


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